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Real estate on Mallorca

APM stands for modern, individual living solutions combined with Mediterranean charm. The company uses the latest technologies and high quality materials to leave nothing to be desired, yet creating a harmoniously comfortable atmosphere for the customer. We make your dream of living on the Balearic Islands come true.


A selection of current projects that we oversee. For an overview of all projects, click here.

Urban Jungle
for sale 4 3
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for sale 424 m2 1.079 m2 5 4 + 1
Zum Projekt
Can Roca
for sale 498 m2 1.135 m2 5 5 + 1
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High Five
for sale 725 m2 2.226 m2 7 7 + 1
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Penyes Rotges
sold 530 m2 1.270 m2 5 5 + 1
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sold 1.436 m2 3.090 m2 6 6 + 1
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Santa Ponsa Harbour
sold 516 m2 1.450 m2 5 6 + 2
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Stairway to heaven... well actually to the upper floor of Can Rafelino, but it‘s pretty much the same thing.
Welcome to the cozy terrace of Can Rafelino surrounded by lush greenery.
Natural elements meet modern architecture - this is how we like it!
Relaxing afternoon with a fresh breeze...
Our happy place for this lovely Sunday afternoon 🌴☀️
Today the weather is grey and we are dreaming of this perfect little spot for a sunbath on a sunny day! ☀️ Happy Friday!
Wednesday is nearly Thursday, and Thursday is basically Friday! Cheers! 🥂
Monday afternoon and the perfect shady spot with a glass of cold rosé!
Natural elements meet modern furniture... such a perfect ensemble!
Another angle from project Goya, which is surrounded by the sea... More details on our website!
Light green and beige tones are our favourite this season! What are your favourites for 2021?
Pillow fight! We all go crazy from time to time... Happy Sunday!
Homeoffice with Mediterranean views, this is how we like it! Where are you working from?
Sunday funday... pool days are coming! 💦🥳
Turquoise and beige, like sand and water...
We are happy to introduce you to one of our current projects. Ladies and gentlemen... meet Goya!
Hanging around... some mediterranean details from project Etcetera.
Don‘t grow up, it’s a trap!
But first, Champa...uhh Coffee! ☕️ 
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