Live the Mediterranean lifestyle

Real estate on Mallorca

APM stands for modern, individual living solutions combined with Mediterranean charm. The company uses the latest technologies and high quality materials to leave nothing to be desired, yet creating a harmoniously comfortable atmosphere for the customer. We make your dream of living on the Balearic Islands come true.


A selection of current projects that we oversee. For an overview of all projects, click here.

Can Roca
for sale 478 m2 1.135 m2 5 6 + 1
Zum Projekt
sold 424 m2 1.079 m2 5 4 + 1
Zum Projekt
High Five
for sale 1.017 m2 2.226 m2 6 7 + 2
Zum Projekt
Urban Jungle
sold 4 3
Zum Projekt
Life is a journey - enjoy the ride.
Kitchen stories made with love ♥️
Assymetry is the rhytmic expression of functional design.
I followed my heart and it led me to the bar.
The views you get at apm.
When in doubt, take a hot bath.
Relax, unwind, enjoy the views.
Sliding into the weekend with an architectural masterpiece - coming soon!
When the sun goes down at project Cap Negret...
It‘s gin o‘clock at the home bar of project Goya - coming soon!
Time to lean back and relax.
Our favourite details from project Eternity!
Chasing sunsets at the dining table of Project Cap Negret...
Boho details blending perfectly in modern architecture...
Eternal summers at project Eternity.
Sunday afternoon and the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book.
Sundays sunrays! ☀️
To be reality soon - project Goya.
Making a happy home starts with making a happy you!
Weekend calling!