Real estate on Mallorca

APM stands for modern, individual living solutions combined with Mediterranean charm. The company uses the latest technologies and high quality materials to leave nothing to be desired, yet creating a harmoniously comfortable atmosphere for the customer. We make your dream of living on the Balearic Islands come true.


A selection of current projects that we oversee. For an overview of all projects, click here.

Can Roca
for sale 662 m2 1.135 m2 5 6 + 1
Zum Projekt
sold 424 m2 1.079 m2 5 4 + 1
Zum Projekt
High Five
for sale 1.352 m2 2.226 m2 6 7 + 2
Zum Projekt
Urban Jungle
sold 4 3
Zum Projekt
Outdoor chic: Adding burgundy accents for a touch of sophistication.
There’s no place like home. At APM, we understand the heart and soul of your space, creating homes that reflect your unique story.
When life is muy bien - lounging by the pool on a sunny day.
Cooking in style.
Living room goals: where the pool meets the endless horizon.
Transforming rooms with an extraordinary lighting concept.
Lost in a good book with a breathtaking sea view.
A restful retreat – our beige-toned bedroom with natural accents is the perfect escape of the everyday trouble.
Enjoying a perfect day by the pool at the stunning project Goya.
Simplicity and elegance.
Mother-daughter moments at the pool of project Goya, creating smiles and good memories.
Wrap yourself in comfort with apm.